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  • One on One Personal and Image Consulting Sessions with Lorelei Shellist Fashion and Image COnsultant - graphic silhouette figures of two women with dress mannequins

    Consult: 1 on 1 Personal/Image

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  • silhouette figures men and women meeting - © Can Stock Photo/ vanias -

    Consult: Corporate Training

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  • Los Angeles Fashion Consultant leads Group Consultation Sessions - graphic silhouette figures of men and women at a party

    Consult: Group Sessions

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  • Model Pro Consulting - 2 hour session

    Consult: Model Pro Coaching Session – 2 hours

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  • Model Pro Consulting Package

    Consulting: Model Pro Media Proposal Pitch Package

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  • Lorelei Shellist, Keynote Speaker and Image Consultant created Fashion Icon Archetypes™ - array of personality type cards arrayed on a tabletop

    Fashion Icon Archetypes™: Cards

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  • Fashion Icon Archetype™ Personality Quiz - personality type quiz cards arrayed on a tabletop

    Fashion Icon Archetypes™: Personality Quiz

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  • Romantic Fashion Icon Archetype™ t-shirt modeled by creator Lorelei Shellist

    Fashion Icon Archetype™: T-Shirts

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  • Teleseminar: Carry On Travel Packing - blue suitcase with Runway RunAway text on black band - travel packing tips by Lorelei Shellist image consultant

    Learn: Teleseminar | Carry On Travel Packing

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  • Teleseminar | Find Your Own Fashion Archetype™ with Lorelei Shellist fashion consultant

    Learn: Teleseminar | Find Your Own Fashion Archetype

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  • Teleseminar - Solve the Closet Puzzle - Become your own Fashion Icon™- armoire with clothes and shoes spilling out it

    Learn: Teleseminar | Solve the Closet Puzzle

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  • Book cover - Love Like God - contributing author Lorelei Shellist - blue, gold and white abstract sun and clouds on dark blue background

    Read: Love Like God

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