Purple, dress for your dreams in the color of passion!

I pondered over who to call to join me for dinner, naturally, he came to mind. I sent him a text and to my surprise he replied, “Sure, what time and where?” He didn’t know it was my birthday or any of the back story to why I had called him last minute, but he was game and showed up to meet me. As he entered the bar he said ” Ok LL, I know I ‘m plan B so who’s the…

Lorelei walking Iggy Pup in her Amethyst Dream Dress

I decided to wear the sample of my purple Dream Dress to dinner. I hadn’t launched the dress publicly yet, I was still trying to figure out how to get them made. When he walked in the door he said, “Ok LL, I know I’m your plan B, so who’s the jerk who stood you up?” I laughed, although the years apart had seen us both through some tough times, he still had that funny wit that I found sexy as all get out.

The hostess led us to our table and as we were seated he said, “What a pretty dress!” I blushed, did a quick turn and a model spin, grinned and said, “Really, you like it?” “Yes, he replied. I love the color!”

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