Prepping For Valentine’s Day Date: A Guide For Looking Stunning

Well, 14th February is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited. Sharing declarations of love, Hallmark cards, lots of balloons, candlelight dinners, and heart-shaped chocolates are a few things that make Valentine’s Day the most romantic day of the year. Do you have a dreamy surprise planned…

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Purple, dress for your dreams in the color of passion!

I pondered over who to call to join me for dinner, naturally, he came to mind. I sent him a text and to my surprise he replied, “Sure, what time and where?” He didn’t know it was my birthday or any of the back story to why I had called him last minute, but he was game and showed up to meet me. As he entered the bar he said ” Ok LL, I know I ‘m plan B so who’s the…

Lorelei walking Iggy Pup in her Amethyst Dream Dress

I decided to wear the sample of my purple Dream Dress to dinner. I hadn’t launched the dress publicly yet, I was still trying to figure out how to get them made. When he walked in the door he said, “Ok LL, I know I’m your plan B, so who’s the jerk who stood you up?” I laughed, although the years apart had seen us both through some tough times, he still had that funny wit that I found sexy as all get out.

The hostess led us to our table and as we were seated he said, “What a pretty dress!” I blushed, did a quick turn and a model spin, grinned and said, “Really, you like it?” “Yes, he replied. I love the color!”

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