Lorelei Shellist | Ordained Minister, Spiritual Psychologist


As an Ordained Minister and Spiritual Psychologist with an accent on Consciousness, Health & Healing, Lorelei offers her heartfelt services to make your ceremony special in the following ways:

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Lorelei Shellist, Ordained MInister, performing a wedding ceremonyWedding Officiant:
Lorelei inspires and facilitates your Ideal Wedding Scene, while including your own personal spiritual beliefs, ideas and visions. Serving as your “pre-wedding jitters counselor,” Lorelei meets with the engaged couple to discover your own personal values and expectations while co-creating your ceremonial vows.



bouquet of white roses with blue delphinium blossomsHouse Blessings:
Turn your house into a home when Lorelei facilitates a “sacred space clearing ceremony” just for you. Native American practices combined with the Aloha spirit joins your family and friends together, blessing your home with divine love.



bride and friend laughingAffirmation of Love & Commitment Ceremony:
This special, magical ceremony binds two lives together when the loving couple agree to share one another’s life materially, physically and spiritually. “Affirmation of Love Certificates” beautifully document the divine promises shared on that day.



bride and groom embracing on the beachRenewing Your Vows:
Would you like to rejuvenate your marriage celebrating the mature love that has been blessed with all the joys and challenges of the years that have passed? Lorelei graciously facilitates your vow renewals, a profound way to reaffirm the unconditional love you and your spouse share.





infant wearing knit capBaptisms:
Welcome your child into your spiritual community as Lorelei leads your infant, family, and friends through a gentle and graceful baptism ceremony.




twp blue and white floral arangements on pedestal at poolside, ocean in backgroundPeaceful Transitions & Passings for People, Pets, Places & Circumstances:
Loss in life is inevitable, and grief is the normal human response to loss. Lorelei tenderly “holds light” as she facilitates with the dying person or pet, and/or family members guiding them into acceptance and peace through this final life transition process.



“We are all Divine Beings, having a Human experience.”   -Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick USM

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