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What People Are Saying | Testimonies About Lorelei Shellist



Lorelei Shellist wearing long black gloves, evening gown, speaking on a microphone“Put an evening gown on Miss Lorelei and watch this adorable, goofy, ‘wild child’ morph into the most beautifully elegant of fashion divas. I always thought she must have an interesting back story, but who knew? This woman is a force of nature and a genuine survivor.”
Bob Mackie–Award winning Celebrity Fashion Designer, LA, CA

“Lorelei’s lectures are personal to the attendees. This enables an audience to relate, believe and to be open to the topic of discussion.”
Linda Comer, Director at San Diego Model Mgmt. SD, CA



“Lorelei lit up the room as she made a grand royal-like entrance to speak to Virginia Marti College Fashion Design students. Her animated presentation was a true delight and extremely motivational. She was so open about her life experiences of running away, the glamorous, wild love affair with her rock star fiancé, Steve Clark, of Def Leppard, and her fascinating stories about working with the industry’s most prominent designers. We hung on to every word as she meticulously described every detail of how Yves Saint Laurent had draped fabric on her with a trembling hand, transforming this fashion icon into a real and vulnerable person. She let everyone in the room know and believe that all dreams are attainable. Lorelei’s talk was dynamic and she connected with everyone there; it was as if she was speaking directly to you. She is an energetic phenomenal speaker who can truly be comfortable in any surrounding with her pure sparkling aura! A very refreshing, moving and spiritual presentation enjoyed by all who attended.”
Judy Boryczka, Fashion Design Department Director, Cleveland, Ohio



“Lorelei brings a wealth of knowledge and life experience which makes her guidance personal to the client.”
Linda Comer, Director at San Diego Model Mgmt. SD, CA

“I had one phone call with Lorelei and in under two minutes she pinpointed exactly what the issue was that had been holding me hostage for so long. No one had ever done that before!”
Meredith Priestley, Bedford, NY

“Lorelei is doing what I believe we are all meant to do – take what we’ve been given in this life, make the absolute most of it, learn from it, and then use it to bless others. She has made an impact on my life like no other.”
Jody Mlynec, Jackson, Montana

“Lorelei is dedicated and committed to her clients, tailoring her sessions to what each individual client needs. She is compassionate, personable and extremely motivational in helping you attain your goals. Each session is filled with an incredible sense of calming peace and spirituality which brings a sense of well-being and balance that can’t help but lift you up. My sessions with Lorelei are empowering and enlightening.”
Lesley Brown, Orange County, CA



Lorelei with armsraised speaking to a group of students “With such a rich life and her wonderful energy, Lorelei is a tremendous inspiration and example to the teens she wore with. It’s easy for these kids to relate to her. She has been able to reach kids with her workshops when all else has failed.”
Peggy Christian, Educational Service Coordinator at Oasis Center, Nashville, TN




“Lorelei has distilled this magical combination of passion, native talent and experience to the point where I found myself anticipating her presentation just as much as I did the films.”
Riccardo Cannavielo,
Publisher YOU Magazine

“She’s like the Billy Crystal of the Fashion Film Festival!”
Gene W. Chang Atty. OC, CA

As a host, Lorelei is engaging, captivating, quick witted, flexible and she can think on her feet!”
Linda Comer, Director at San Diego Model Mgmt. SD, CA



“Lorelei has the ability to draw people in with her clarity, depth, connection and humor. The words Lorelei used to express who the bride and groom are in the world, and to each other, touched all of us deeply, while connecting them to each other too. I felt Lorelei’s ideas and analogies relating love-to-life were extremely beautiful and meaningful.”
Wendi Anton, Pacific Palisades, CA

“Lorelei is practiced, organized, natural and specific. She articulates the deep love between couples in a warm, charismatic way. Everyone was moved by the ceremony; many to tears.”
Larry White, Carlsbad, CA

“For me, the ceremony was touching and wonderful. Lorelei drew from her experiences as a USM graduate and Life Coach, expressing to all of us the riches a loving marriage has to offer. The creative, tender quotes she included in the service were perfectly heartfelt.”
Cindy Cowsill, LA, CA

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