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Women’s History Month Spotlight:
Lorelei Shellist, Radiating and Releasing Inner Beauty

“Everyone uses the term, ‘Beauty from the inside out,’” said “Love Like God” and “Women Will Save the World” contributor Lorelei Shellist, “But few people ever tell you how to access that inner beauty.” Through her work as a counselor, speaker, and life coach, Lorelei affirms through daily works and self-love programs that beauty is within us all. She has made it her life’s mission to help others find and radiate their inner beauty.

“My programs are designed to help re-connect with the parts inside ourselves that hold us back from radiating our beauty. We must learn to acknowledge those parts that we may have kept hidden for whatever reasons and embrace them, not reject them. In many cases, there is healing to be done on the unconscious level before we can allow ourselves to shine,” she said.

One of Lorelei’s popular programs is “I Am Dreams with Wings,” which educates at-risk teens by teaching core life skills such as communication, job interview techniques, and self-empowerment. Through opening her own heart, Lorelei mentors teens to create their own positive life journey, attain their heart’s true desire, and become conscious, responsible enlightened adults. Another well-received program is Freedom to Choose, which helps women in prison recognize their potential and redesign their external style to release their intrinsic inner beauty.

In addition, Lorelei is dedicating herself to encouraging the growth of inner beauty in a place starving for renewal – politics – as a campaign ambassador to her personal inspiration, Marianne Williamson. “The moment I heard Marianne was running for the U.S. House of Representatives in my own district here in L.A., I had a rush of energy and hope. Here was a woman who had personally inspired and counseled me 25 years ago when my own life was challenging and I was at a loss,” said Lorelei.

And, yes, there is even more for Lorelei! She is the bestselling author of “Runway RunAway: A Backstage Pass to Fashion, Romance and Rock ‘n Roll,” an event host, a Fashion Icon Inner Beauty Expert™, and a BARE BEAUTY columnist in FIND BLISS Magazine.

We appreciate this luminous example of how one person’s personal quest for inner beauty and understanding can offer opportunities to encourage positive change and hope for many.

Congratulations, Lorelei on shining a light through the long tunnel of self-discovery and possibilities! You rock!

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