Host Emcee Lorelei Shellist

Lorelei Shellist | Host Emcee


Lorelei Shellist, Host EmceeAs a Host Emcee Lorelei brings sophistication, style, intelligence and wit to set your event on fire! Magnetic Lorelei brings more to the occasion than you can imagine…She draws on her experiences gracing the fashionable runways of the world to living a life straight out of the rock ’n roll hall of fame.  She inspires her audiences with her insight gained from a masters program in spiritual psychology, as well as her work coaching women in prison, empowering at-risk teens, and world-class celebrities.

Experience Old World glamour with a role model and muse as she ignites and unites your audience, bringing an ambiance of laughter, language, life and community to help you celebrate your special event!

Put an evening gown on Miss Lorelei and watch this adorable, goofy, ‘wild child’ morph into the most elegant of fashion divas. This woman is a force of nature! 
—Bob Mackie

Lorelei’s like the Billy Crystal of the entire Film Festival!  —Gene W. Chang, Entertainment Laywer

Lorelei has distilled this magical combination of passion, native talent and experience to the point where I found myself anticipating her presentation just as much as I did the films.  —Riccardo Cannavielo, Publisher YOU Magazine.

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