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Lorelei Shellist holding microphone, Los Angeles backdropLorelei Shellist is a sought after key note speaker, panelist, and workshop leader. She travels internationally speaking on topics which use her foundation as a Self Motivated successful Entrepreneur, with a Master’s in Psychology, combined with her years of learning from the world’s fashion masters to show men and women how they can liberate themselves from negative self-criticisms to ultimately change the way they are perceived by others. Whether speaking at a company or private event, or even a group gathered in a home, Lorelei’s audiences leave feeling empowered to step out with a new confidence in themselves!

“Self Awareness is Empowering- Know everything about yourself. Know what gets you excited – and then follow your heart.”

Lorelei Shellist illustrates how the power of self-love effects inner beauty and inner strength in our hearts, in turn impacting how people represent themselves in the world.

Let Lorelei enlighten and empower your group of ten or more!


silhoutte figures men and women meeting - © Can Stock Photo/ vanias - loreleishellist.comTAKING CORPORATE TRAINING to a New Level of Confidence and Productivity!
Wouldn’t it be amazing to improve your company’s profits by helping your team members to gain more confidence and to attract more success? Lorelei’s ongoing training will help your team members with these positive attributes:

How to Empower Your Bottom Line – Corporate Training that Feels Personal


MODEL BRAND PRO-Coach - loreleishellist.comMODEL BRAND PRO-Coach

The Business of Modeling takes more than having just a pretty face. You are the Brand!

Wouldn’t it be empowering to understand the business of fashion, modeling, and celebrity, before you walk the door? Start off on the right foot.

Lorelei will assist you in aligning yourself as an impeccable, business professional and entrepreneur in the world of fashion. Learn to create yourself as a “Brand” and improve your profits by understanding the “big picture” and strategies for success. Lorelei’s ongoing training will help you with these positive attributes:

* Make an impact both personally and professionally every time, you walk in the room!

* Nail your auditions each and every time with confidence, combining inner empowerment skills with outer communication skills.

* Develop a process to create great relationships with your managers, agents, and clients!

* Learn how to communicate and connect with “the powers that be” in order to manifest the success you desire!

* How to have a Powerful Presence Online and Offline

“You never get another chance to make a first impression!”
Will Rogers…

Model Business Coaching That Feels Personal!
Email Lorelei@loreleishellist.com for information about cost and to schedule Model Brand Training.

Begin creating your Powerful Presence now.

Human Empowerment Topics:


speaker_enoughI AM Enough:
Empowering Women from the Inside ~ Out

From a self-made survivor of neglect and abuse to a world class supermodel, Lorelei uses her story to encourage women to have their own voice in they way they present themselves in the world. By assisting them in reconnecting with their own feminine power they can return to themselves, and become their OWN Fashion Icons. Educating women to the history and meaning of fashion helps them understand the importance of creating their own authentic style. As a result, women are empowered to dress to impress themselves, in service to their own success.

“Although I was surrounded by many of the superficial trappings that are thought of as symbols of success, my story is the story of every woman who has tolerated abuse for too long because she loved too much, or didn’t love herself enough.”  -Lorelei Shellist


black and white photo of a Lorelei wearing a ball gown, putting on earrings in front of a dressing tableConscious Dressing
Learn how to attract the attention you deserve!
What is the message you are sending with your first impression? Fashion Icon Archetypes™ founder Lorelei Shellist, teaches you how to dress confidently and appropriately for every situation in your life and career.

“Self Esteem impacts and defines who women are from the place of beauty, brilliance, & gifts of their soul – not by their traumas.”   -Lorelei Shellist


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Teen & College Empowerment Topics:

graphic of wings with blue outlined heart at center I AM Dreams With WingsI Am Dreams with Wings
Create your own Personal Power Path to success!
Lorelei’s interactive multi-part teen empowerment workshops teach critical life skills to assist in developing and nurturing Self-Confidence, Communication Skills, Conscious Choices, Career Planning and Job Interview Skills.
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“Home is where your heart lives.”   -Lorelei Shellist


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 Fashion Entelechy:

black and white photo of Lorelei on the runwayFashion Designer’s EntelechyDiscover your artist, your genius, and your muse!
In this highly interactive experience Lorelei takes her audience from the acorn to the oak down the runways of the world. Adventure with Lorelei through the halls of rock ‘n roll fame; sharing in artists’, designers’ and musicians’ secrets of success.

  1. Job Hunt: Pound the pavement with Lorelei as she scours NYC’s garment district, then brings you into the showroom with her, where she lands a job with one of America’s top fashion designers.
  2. Power Point Presentation: Illustrates Lorelei’s career experience working as a muse for the world’s most iconic artists, designers and musicians, sharing the artists’ processes, inspirations and stories of success.
  3. Interactive Audience Experience: Find that “secret something” you have that no one else does through the Empowerment Group Activities.

Awaken to YOUR life purpose–YOU are the MUSE!

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