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What is I Am Dreams With Wings?
Educational workshops teaching teen esteem in Continuation High Schools where students get school credits for this elective class.

Who we are
We are graduates of the Masters’ programs in “Spiritual Psychology” and “Consciousness, Health & Healing” from the University of Santa Monica (USM)

As heart centered facilitators, our mission is to share our own teen-age/life experiences and learnings with At-Risk Teens in service to helping them grow in to conscious, mature young adults who make responsible choices.

What we do
Our teen esteem programs educate our Teens by teaching them critical LIFE Skills: Communication Skills, Self Empowerment Skills, Job Interview Skills and how to WIN in their own heart’s desires as they plan their own lives, thus giving Wings to their Dreams.

Because we can and because we care.

Teens today are at Risk of: Peer Pressure, Gang Pressure, Low Self-Esteem, Lack of Guidance, Healthy Role Models and so much more.

“Self esteem impacts and defines who people are from the place of beauty, brilliance, and gifts of their soul, not by their traumas.”   -Lorelei Shellist

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