Prepping For Valentine’s Day Date: A Guide For Looking Stunning

Well, 14th February is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited. Sharing declarations of love, Hallmark cards, lots of balloons, candlelight dinners, and heart-shaped chocolates are a few things that make Valentine’s Day the most romantic day of the year. Do you have a dreamy surprise planned for the love of your life? Looking drop-dead gorgeous is surely a part of your V-Day surprise! Already chose an outfit that unleashes your inner fashionista but still overwhelmed about looking your best for your biggest date night of 2021? I have got you covered. Here are some tips from your go-to beauty coach in Los Angeles:

  1. Give your skin some TLC

    Pollution and stress take a toll on your skin making it look tired and dull. If you are still not comfortable visiting a salon given the COVID-19 situation, your favorite scrub and face mask shall do. I use DIY face packs. Avon Get On the Bright Side Brightening Sheet Mask with grapefruit and Vitamin C, or Avon Smooth Out Life’s Little Wrinkles Smoothing Sheet Mask with skin-soothing ingredients that instantly rejuvenate your skin.

  2. Nourishment for your tresses

    A perfect hairdo is as vital as the right make-up if you want your date to swoon all over you. Showing up with rough, unkempt, and dull locks may be a turn-off. So, pamper your hair with head massages and luxurious hair packs a couple of days before Valentine’s. You will have a shiny mane, and your date will have a hard time taking his eyes off!

  3. Show some love to your lips

    We all want soft, plump, and luscious lips all day, every day, Valentine’s Day or not! Treat your lips to a premium lip scrub and get rid of any cracks and dryness. You can lean in for a kiss after the romantic dinner now!

  4. Apply just the right amount of make-up

    Wearing make-up is an art that every lady wishes to master. Take it from your beauty coach in Los Angeles, too much make-up is as bad as no make-up. Avoid wearing any make-up during the day so that your skin is ready for the perfect date-night make-up.

  5. Get a good night’s sleep

    Beauty sleep is a thing. Call it a classic skincare hack, if you may! Lack of sleep will show on your face in some way or another, no matter how much you try to mask it. Getting a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep the night before Valentine’s Day is a must for a fresh face on your date. In case you cannot doze off, let the goodness of lavender oil lull you to sleep. I use Wolf Heart Farm Lavender oil. Just put a couple of drops on your pillowcase and you will soon be asleep.

Take away
Whether you have been with your significant other for a decade or found the love of your life only recently, make them feel special on Valentine’s Day with romantic gestures. Tell them you love them, cook a meal for them, and surprise them with a bouquet delivery. If you want more make-up advice or V-Day ensemble ideas, your beauty coach in Los Angeles is at your service. Get in touch with me!

Please note that I am an Avon Representative in Los Angeles
Also I do recommend Wolf Heart Farm Lavender oil.

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