Witches, Super-Heroes, Playboy Bunnies?

Witches, Super-Heroes, Playboy Bunnies?

Halloween is our favorite time to dress up and live into our fantasy life with no holds barred. Statistics say that the the top five costumes for adults were a witch, vampire, zombie, pirate, and Avengers character. Thank goodness the Playboy Bunny costume of my generation has finally taken a back seat to the

Halloween Super Women

way in which women want to express themselves. Perhaps the #Metoo movement has actually taught us something about how we want to be seen in the world. Thankfully women are choosing to show up in physical world reality dressing up as Ninjas, Wonder Woman, or East Girl from The Incredibles, as well as witches. Costumes that show off their curves like the Playboy bunny costumes of yesteryears… but send a more empowering message. Instead of saying… “Hey, here I am a living sex toy, come and get me,” and then complaining about the kind of attention we are getting from men…We are saying, “Hey, check me out, I am beautiful, sexy and powerful so watch out!

Witches, Super-Heroes, Playboy Bunnies?

If you have followed my blogs, then you already know that my message to women has always been about “appropriate dressing.” In other words, be careful how you show up in the world because the first thing people notice about you is how you dress. Even on Halloween my little witches:-)

Flying Gear & Mermaids!


The other thing I am always on about are my Fashion Icon Archetypes® Programs. In my FIA Quiz® and my FIA Angel Cards® I educate people on the un-conscious collective – invisible voices in our heads that tell us what to buy and how to dress.

Fashion Icon Archetypes™ Personality Quiz

Fashion Icon Archetypes are spiritual and psychological aspects of our personalities that distinguish who we truly are as individuals. These universal forms have been in existence since the beginning of time and were identified by such philosophers and visionaries as Plato and Carl Jung. This mythological, ancient, collective, intelligence shows up in our lives unwittingly, creating patterns of behavior that may uplift us…or even sabotage us…when we don’t acknowledge and accept them. So the question is… What is the message we are sending others when we get dressed up and walk out the door? And is the message we are sending the same as the message received? Are we getting the attention we deserve and desire?

These Fashion Icon Archetype® cards will help you identify certain characteristics as unique parts of your-self when you learn to integrate them into your life. They will become your friends, companions, aides and allies as they teach you to accept yourself through their abstract meanings.


Most men will fantasize about a woman who is dressed up as a librarian or a nun…because it leaves more creativity to their imaginations. I mean, how can they un-dress us if we are already half naked?

I encourage my female friends to “dress their best” but how does that look? A good way to do that is to know who you are, how you want to be seen, and what kind of attention you desire. When we are clear about those things, we can then show up in our worlds with self confidence and that is the most attractive dress we may ever put on.

Mermaids save Fishes!

So if you want to be a witch for Halloween – be a good witch, a super -confident Power Ranger on the outside and an empowered woman on the inside!

Happy Halloween ….Dress up for your dreams!

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And Bring Your Style to Life!

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