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Discover the Fashion Archetypes™ in you!

“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.”
-Edna Woolman Chase


Do you know that we all have archetypes that govern who we are, how we dress, and how we are perceived in the world?

Our spiritual Fashion Icon Archetypes™ motivate and open us to our strengths and challenges. These subconscious parts of ourselves are actually our spiritual “support guides,” or “energy guides,” and they are working behind the scenes throughout our lives. When we know who they are – we understand why they are there. We come to KNOW ourselves in a more intimate way and so when we go shopping we buy things that actually belong to us and flatter our body shapes and sizes. We no longer spend money on things that don’t suit us. We no longer fall prey to inappropriate trends and fashion advice from people who don’t know us.

We feel more confident in the clothes we choose and we feel better in them.

WHY? Because we are connected and in tune with our bodies, minds, and ourselves.

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To live in alignment with who you are now and show up in the world as YOU – ask yourself these questions:
  • Who am I wearing?
  • Whose voices do I hear when I get dressed each day?
  • When I walk out my door, am I confident in my body and clothes?
  • Am I following trends that don’’t suit me?
  • Am I wearing my clothes, or are my clothes wearing me?
  • Am I honoring my physical attributes, or, am I hiding them?
In this program you will:
  • discover which personalities you possess that empower you when you dress
  • feel more confident
  • radiate your inner beauty to express that beauty outside


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