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Are you ready to empower your organization, women’s club, sorority, non-profit or group of friends as fashionable conscious and confident women?

Discover the Fashion Icon within!

Host a private party while Lorelei entertains, educates, nourishes and inspires your group with her style expertise. As a high fashion runway model with degree in psychology, Lorelei’s experience will help you and your friends to better understand the hidden meanings behind why you dress the way you dress!

The Fashion Icons and Fashion Archetypes program empowers success by uncovering the inherent qualities within each of us that identify the highest potential in aspects of our beauty, work, and life that matters most.

Learn about the unconscious collective stylist team inherent in everyone. You will learn which of the many dominant characters are running your wallet, wardrobe, closet, and life, introducing you to the light sides and shadow sides of these personalities. When you begin to understand who you are as a fashion icon in your own right, you will dress to present yourself from a place of confidence you have never known before!

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Elements of the Fashion Icons and Fashion Archetypes Program

The Fashion Icons and Fashion Archetypes seminar begins with an exciting powerpoint presentation with eye-opening stories, thoughts and questions led by Lorelei to help prepare attendees with the information needed in their journey to discover and connect with the fashion icon within.

Each participant will receive their own educational worksheets, along with pen and paper to take notes and go through the process together!

The Fashion Icon and Fashion Archetypes Program for Group Events includes:

The Fashion Icon Archetype™ Quiz
Students of the program will learn about their dominant archetype personalities that are currently running their wardrobe, discover their hidden style, and learn ways to radiate their beautiful inner self. Quiz totals are tallied up at the end of this Q&A session to reveal the three dominant archetype personalities at play in the psyche of the individual.

Interactive “Duo” Break-away Session
Attendees have the opportunity to share with each other to help process what they have discovered during the Q&A session.

Gift! Set of Fashion Icon Archetype Cards
All attendees will receive their very own set of Fashion Icon Archetype Cards to take home! 12 beautifully illustrated glossy 4×6” cards, representing each individual archetypes, are defined on front of each card. A description of the purpose and contract of the archetype, including the shadow side and light side of each personality, is written on the back, which includes examples of Archetypical Brands such as Chanel, Apple, Goodwill Industries, and more. Like Tarot, Goddess, or Angel cards, these cards are beautiful, entertaining and informative!

Fashion Show & Tell (optional)
A mini-fashion show may be created with clothes donated by your favorite boutique – or each individual can bring their favorite clothing items or accessories for show and tell. Lorelei will work with those pieces to uncover the deeper meaning to the individual who shares them and to the rest of the participants.

Meet and Greet
Talk with Lorelei one on one after the presentation to learn more tips she’s gleaned from her experience as a high fashion runway model in Paris for Yves St. Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld and more!

Promotional materials for your website, e-mail list and social networks
Let our team create your organization’s promotional materials to help spread the word! Customized flyers can be created to support any group or organization.


Fashion Icon and Fashion Archetypes attendees will learn:

  • How self-presentation can lead to self-empowerment and increased confidence.
  • Appropriate why’s, how’s, and ways of dressing in our culture and other cultures too!
  • How to identify, define, recognize and represent undiscovered parts of the self.
  • Strategies to match their inner world with their outer world and how their own the image that is perceived by others.


Ready to book The Fashion Icon and Fashion Archetypes Group Event? Event Requirements

  • 15 or more attendees
  • Promotion of this event on your website, e-list, and social networks
  • A location that will accommodate group seating and a stage area or floor space for Lorelei to present
  • Chairs or desks for each participant
  • Refreshments or water for attendees (Yes! You may host a brunch/cocktail party in addition)
  • A table for Lorelei Shellist’s supplies and merchandise – RunwayRunaway books, t-shirts, posters, etc.

Email for information about cost and to schedule a group event


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