Fashion Icon Archetypes™: Personality Quiz

Take Lorelei’s Fashion Icon Archetypes™ Personality QUIZ to discover who your own personal Fashion icon Archetypes™ are!

How do you feel when you walk out your door each day? Are you dressed for success? Dressed to impress? Or dressed like a mess?
Have you ever felt unsure of your own personal style or followed media trends just because that’s what “they” say is in style?

One of my favorite quotes is: “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.”   -Edna Woolman Chase

Do you know that everyone possesses their own style? Some of people are connected to it, aware of it, and exude it. While others pay no attention to it ~ or ~ avoid it at all costs. Why is that? Well, they never took the time to pay attention to themselves. Their childlike essence and inner creator has been squelched for one reason or another. Maybe someone criticized them, put them down, bullied them – or – maybe they just do that to themselves.

Discover the beautiful, mystical and magical Fashion Icon Archetypes™ in you!

Fashion Icon Archetypes™ Personality Quiz, by Premier Image Consultant, Lorelei Shellist. Click here to purchase the Quiz for $4.95..

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Take Lorelei’s Fashion Icon Archetypes™ Personality QUIZ to discover who your own personal Fashion icon Archetypes™ are as part of your personality.

Learn how they influence how you present yourself in the world. How they wreak havoc with your wardrobe and self-esteem. Make friends with them.

These aspects will become your allies as they teach you to accept yourself through their mystical wisdom and abstract meanings.

Acknowledge and understand your light & shadow sides, as well as your life purpose, spiritual contracts, desires and fears.

Knowing your inner archetype personalities enables you to make clear and conscious choices in so many parts of your life.

They will give you clear guidelines to follow when you shop and when you dress, taking the guesswork and error out of your decision-making!

Answer these questions and be true to yourself. Answer them with your initial gut feelings. No one but you will ever read this. This is for you!

Turn heads with your confidence, grace and beauty when you understand the deeper meaning of who you are and why you wear what you wear!

“Bring your style to life!”™

Click here to purchase the Quiz for $4.95.


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