Read: Love Like God


Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love” will redefine your understanding of love. In this groundbreaking compilation, well-known individuals from across the globe share stories of how they learned to release the conditions that block absolute love. Author Lorelei Shellist’s contribution to this collection is a must read. Along with the insights of bestselling author Caroline A. Shearer, readers will be reminded of their natural state of love and will begin to envision a world without fear or judgement or pain.



When you read Love Like God You Will Be Inspired …

  • To release blocks to loving yourself and others unconditionally
  • To embrace every challenge as an opportunity for love
  • To live without fear

Along with Shearer’s reflections and affirmations, author Lorelei Shellist and other experts, musicians, authors, professional athletes, shed light on the universal experiences of journeying the path of unconditional love.


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