Valentine’s Day Fashion: Romantic Shades of Love

Our Beloved Beyoncé Romantic Fashion Icon Archetype™

The Romantic Fashion Icon Archetype™ Our Beloved Beyoncé

Romantic shades of Love. How to dress the part of Valentina – styled by your inner fashionista!

While walking my little love dog “Iggy Pup” today, I was reflecting on romantic shades of love and wondering what I could contribute to Valentine’s day. I am always fascinated by the origin of things. So, of course, my mind began to ponder. How did it begin?

I am a perpetual student who is always trying to up my game in my self-proclaimed title of “fashion expert.” One of my favorite pursuits is in discovering the deeper meanings, the metaphors, and the secrets, that are hidden inside the language we use to communicate. Always asking “what is the message you are sending,” and, “is the message you are sending actually being received in the way you wanted?”

As you know much of the English language stems from Latin and Greek roots. What a perfect way to “educate” (educate derives from the Latin word “educo,” meaning to educe, to draw out, to develop from within,) people on the history, and meaning of fashion and why people wear what they wear. My professors Dr’s. Ron and Mary Hulnick, from the University of Santa Monica, taught me this way of imparting information too.  So, in my own educational program; “Fashion Icon Archetypes” (the word “icon” derives from the Greek definition  a religious work of art, a painting, from Eastern Christianity and certain Eastern Catholic churches, subjects include; ChristMarysaints and/or angels.)

Byzantine Madonna Icon Art

Set Dressing inspiration Icons and Archetypes

I have developed a method by which one can reacquaint themselves with parts inside of themselves that have dominion in how they dress, and how they un-dress. I educate you and help you get to know and make friends your own inner stylists.  So, since it is Valentine’s Day I thought I would remind you of how you may tap into your “inner fashionista,” whom I call the Romantic Fashion Icon Archetype.

Let’s start with the word “romantic.” Ok, so I didn’t look this one up – this idea came to me, and tell me if it doesn’t sound true to you. My guess is that the word “romance” had its Latin origins in Rome! Read on….

According to Ancient Roman history and legend, Mr. “Valentine” came from Terini, the Umbrian region of Italy. In the 3rd century CE. Pope Gelasius I, referred to the saint as a very revered man, “whose acts are known only to God.” Valentine, who was a priest, went around marrying young Christian couples, defying the law of Emporer Claudius II that limited marriage among young men. The Romans thought young men made better soldiers when they were single; the Christians thought marriage was a blessed sacrament. Valentine defied the ban and wed couples anyway. Isn’t that “romantic?”  He was an anarchist of sorts…one of my favorite Fashion Icon Archetypes. Anyway, when he was brought to trial before Emperor Claudius II, Valentine refused to curtail his beliefs and practices, so he was, beaten, stoned, and beheaded. Because Valentine stood up for love, something he believed in, even at the cost of his own life and so he was deemed a “saint.”

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s day on February 14th?

The Roman church chose mid-February for St. Valentine’s Day to redirect peoples’ attention from another Roman holiday, a raucous and debaucherous feast known as Lupercalia. During Lupercalia, Roman men would sacrifice a goat and a dog, and then whip women with strips of hide cut from the animals in a bid to increase their fertility and then a drunken orgy would commence. Those naughty, testosterone driven Romans were at it again feasting, drinking, and fornicating. Even though this behavior sometimes lead to long-term coupling, the Christians, were appalled. They were not in favor of the drunk and disorderly, sacrificial, whipping, “romantic” sex fest, so they placed “Valentine’s Day” on the calendar instead. They kept the candles, aromas, dining, dancing, and love-making parts of the festivities and steered away from the shadow side of their animal instincts. Celebrating love in a softer, gentler, more puritan way…pure “romance.”

Valentine’s Day has come a long way since the heyday of the Roman Empire. Those of us who want to love, and be loved, may experience sex, drugs, and rock ’n roll as romantic. Or we may choose the lighter side, pure, soft, sensual, and sweet romance.  Light side or dark side, or perhaps even a little bit of both sides it shows up in how we celebrate loving ourselves and each other.

Hidden Aspects -

Shadows and Light voices from our inner stylists.

Valentine’s day today is more about love in and of itself. It’s evolved from ‘coupling” so we don’t need a partner, a lover, or a significant other. Not even for sex. We can take care of that ourselves. We can dress, and undress, our most intimate and loving parts in any way we choose.

Beyonce w her Dancing Angels

Beyonce with her dancing Angels Grammy’s 2017

On Valentine’s day, I recommend you tap into the Romantic Fashion Icon Archetype ™ that lives within you.  The intimate part of you that enjoys buttons and bows and airy kind of fairy clothes. If you don’t know where to start, think of Beyoncé, our Goddess dressed up in her Romantic Archetype ™ fashions, resembling a high priestess surrounded by angels on the Grammy’s showing us the softer, more puritanical side. For a more shaded view of the Romantic Fashion Icon Archetype ™, think of Jean Paul Gaultier’s dominatrix muses, Madonna, and burlesque queen Dita Von Teese, whose erotic fashion styles are demonstrated by their dominatrix black leather stiletto heels, and lacy black bustiers.’

Dita Von Teese The archangel of the Romantic Fashion Icon Archetype™

Erotic Archangel Romantic Fashion Icon Archetype™

There are more than fifty shades of Fashion Icon Archetypes ™ inside each of us. I believe there are three dominant aspects that control the way we dress. Those three archetypes combined identify our own individual style.   The Romantic archetype is just one aspect of who we are and may dictate how we show up in the world.When you blend an innocent Romantic with the edgy Provocatuer Fashion Icon Archetype ™You’ll have a look that is sure to entice. No matter how you choose to dress – or un-dress – on this self-loving occasion, let it be ok with you. Let it romance you. Love yourself for all you are.

You don’t have to be a Roman to be romantic.  You just have to be you!

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Fashion Icon Archetypes™ Personality Quiz


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love Always,

Lorelei Shellist


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