New Year Intentions

My Great Niece Adelaide, with her Pig Stuffie "Mudzie" from Santa!

My Great Niece Adelaide, with her Pig Stuffie “Mudzie” from Santa!

Dear Beauties,

Welcome to this exciting New Year 2014. Many people ask me, “What is the difference between ‘resolutions’ and ‘intentions?'”

When we resolve to do something we do it because it feels as if it is a last resort,  or an end of the line decision. When all else fails we resolve to make something happen as a solution to our problems or challenges. Because the energy behind resolving a problem has a negative connotation to it, our universe is not inspired to carry us through it. To “resolve” a problem is not the same as “solving” a problem. To resolve means to fix or deal with…and it feels like something you HAVE to do – rather than something you WANT to do. Do you see the difference? It is the the energy the words ride on.

When we set intentions, we do this from the consciousness of self-love and self-support. After mastering this skill at USM, we share it with the inmates at Valley State Prison when we do our Freedom to Choose Workshops there. We help them set clear-positive intentions for what they want to have happen in their lives and this helps support them in achieving their goals. This is helpful to all of us.

The secret to setting intentions is to focus on what we DO want- and not what we DON’T want. It has nothing to do with will-power, and everything to do with a request from our hearts for a positive outcome that serves our highest good. We do this in partnership or co-creation with Spirit, (Jesus, God, Creation or Higher Power.)

Secrets to setting New Year’s Intentions:

1.) Be positive in how you word your intentions.

Ex: (Negative) “I am quitting smoking it’s bad for me.” or “I’m going to lose weight.” Ex: (Positive) “My intention is to be smoke-free with clear, clean lungs.” Or, “My intention is to release extra body weight in support of my health and vitality.” Or, “My intention is to make healthy choices for my self and my body.”

2.) Be specific. When you told Santa what you wanted for Christmas you didn’t leave anything out. You said, “I want a red firetruck with a ladder on it!” Or, “I want a Chatty Kathy doll, (not just any doll,) the one where you pull the string and she talks!” Have courage and clarity when you ask for what you want…“I want a silver jeep with mag wheels, no miles or low miles on it, and payments I can afford!” Or, “I want to feel good about myself and how I look, I want to wear a size 10 or 12 (whatever your goal) and I look forward to brisk walks that burn calories easily.”

3.) Make sure your goals are within reach. At USM we set 3 foot tosses as in Horse Shoes. If you wear a size 18 you would’t ask to wear a size 6 yet! Take it easy and go for the goal that is attainable and believable- at least 50% believable.

4.) Own it. When you state your intentions say…My intention is….

5.) Speak in the now, as if it is already happening. Instead of putting it in the future by saying, “I’m going to…” Or, “I will try…”

6.) Make sure they are your intentions and they are about you. Let others set their own.

7.) Thy will be done. This is a spiritual process and sometime’s we don’t always know what is best for our soul’s growth. Turn your intentions over to Spirit and trust that your higher power will meet you there. You just hold for what you want. Spirit knows what’s best for you and for your highest good.

8.) See the blessings in your life. Find the silver linings. They are always there -when you notice them. When you do this you won’t be so attached to the outcome and everything will come, in time, through grace and ease. You’ll see and you’ll be happily surprised.

Light Ahead,



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Lorelei Shellist brings new meaning to the definition of "super model." Drawing from her own experiences as a runaway teen who followed her dream to travel the world and become an international couture model. Lorelei's delightful wit and sense of humor (as well as her "perfect fit" measurements) enabled her to serve as a graceful and spirited muse for top designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Yves St. Laurent, Christian LaCroix, Bob Mackie, Geoffrey Beene and Giorgio Armani. Lorelei writes candidly and boldly about life as a runaway, model, and her struggles with her fiancé’s addiction titled, "Runway RunAway A Backstage Pass to Fashion, Romance & Rock 'N Roll." Her life experiences have enabled her to pursue her passion to inspire others with her story of survival and success. Her intrinsic connection with others has led Lorelei towards counseling Women in Prison and At-Risk Teens, teaching critical “Life Skills.” As a fashion expert, Lorelei encourages women to attract appropriate attention though Conscious Dressing while having fun expressing themselves with what they wear. A graduate of the Masters Program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, her appeal crosses many demographics and is particularly appealing to the baby boomer generation who have grown up inundated with confusing and contradictory mass media messages.

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