Bliss and Bare Beauty

Someone took the fun out of fashion and I want it back!

Dear Beauties,

Bare Beauty article by author Lorelei Shellist in Bliss Magazine Winter 2014 - graphic outline in blue of female bodyI hope you will enjoy my column this month in FIND BLISS Magazine for more about discovering the beauty inside of you. 

Does a rose judge its thorns? I don’t think so. When we begin to accept ourselves as original works of art, then we can dress ourselves with confidence and grace.

Mirror, mirror on the wall… When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Dressing for life should be inspiring, and yet many of us treat it like a half-hearted chore. I spent my career dressing and undressing for major designers, and now, without those fabulous frocks at my disposal, l have learned that l can look chic without them; I just had to learn to be a fashion icon in my own right.

I learned to listen to my hearr while making friends with those voices inside my head (sometimes negative) telling me what to wear and how to wear it. l discovered that l had misunderstood my inner authentic beauty for years.

We don’t always recognize our own beauty, and are more apt to criticize or dismiss the qualities we do have. We cover up the parts of our bodies we feel ashamed of-most often our natural curves- with baggy t-shirts or tent style dresses, or we feel condemned to wear maudlin black. How, when, and why, did we become so cruel to ourselves? Perhaps when we were criticized by our parents, siblings, or bullies at school, and believed those judgments to he true. As adults, we must rewrite those stories and realize our own innate beauty: beauty in the extremes, beauty in the means, and beauty in the genes of creation.

Bare beauty is the naked truth. The first secret in my “5 Secrets to Becoming your Own Fashion lcon™”, is honesty: being true to ourselves. It’s not about perfection; it’s about acknowledging those voices we hear while looking in the mirror and deciding if we agree with what they are saying. When we focus on seeing our assets-all shapes, curves and sizes-we can then choose clothing that accentuates our unique body types and calls attention to all the right places.

When we dress ourselves from our heart’s mind, we acknowledge and appreciate our own individual beauty. “We must,” as Italian psychotherapist and philosopher, Piero Ferrucci says, “place ourselves in closer proximity to the therapeutic healing that only beauty can bring.” Let’s practice feeling beautiful internally until it radiates
externally, too. We will be blessed and dresses as our own funny valentines from the inside out.

In Loving, Always,


About Lorelei

Lorelei Shellist brings new meaning to the definition of "super model." Drawing from her own experiences as a runaway teen who followed her dream to travel the world and become an international couture model. Lorelei's delightful wit and sense of humor (as well as her "perfect fit" measurements) enabled her to serve as a graceful and spirited muse for top designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Yves St. Laurent, Christian LaCroix, Bob Mackie, Geoffrey Beene and Giorgio Armani. Lorelei writes candidly and boldly about life as a runaway, model, and her struggles with her fiancé’s addiction titled, "Runway RunAway A Backstage Pass to Fashion, Romance & Rock 'N Roll." Her life experiences have enabled her to pursue her passion to inspire others with her story of survival and success. Her intrinsic connection with others has led Lorelei towards counseling Women in Prison and At-Risk Teens, teaching critical “Life Skills.” As a fashion expert, Lorelei encourages women to attract appropriate attention though Conscious Dressing while having fun expressing themselves with what they wear. A graduate of the Masters Program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, her appeal crosses many demographics and is particularly appealing to the baby boomer generation who have grown up inundated with confusing and contradictory mass media messages.

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