Runway Runaway Collection®

“The Runway Runaway Collection® is a simply comfortable, casual, affordable, wardrobe for the woman on the go who thrives in her skin!”

The entire collection is light weight, easy to wear, and easy to pack!
Known for sun-burst chiffon pleating accenting soft luxurious jersey fabrics soft to the touch, machine washable, fast drying ~ The Runway Runaway Collection moves with your body elegantly and comfortably.

The RRC® is designed for women of all shapes and sizes so you feel as if your clothes are like a second skin.

My Signature item, The Dream Dress® takes every woman from day to dinner, dawn to dusk, dining to dancing into her wildest dreams.

Priced to fit your budget, this convertible dress can be worn in at least twelve different ways, so you can take it away on business or wear it for pleasure in your own personal style. Never worry about over packing and over spending again.

The Dream Dress® available at in 2019 

Bring your style to life with the Runway Runaway Collection® and the ~ The Dream Dress® by Lorelei Shellist.

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