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Lorelei Shellist, iMage COnsultant, on stage wearing a colorful dress and flowing scarf, mannequin with red dressAs one of Los Angeles’ premier Image Consultants, Lorelei has successfully helped clients  in the political, business, acting and social spheres transform their image to create a brand which transmits the appropriate image for screen, stage and gala.

Learn how to style and dress yourself to win the election, get the job, wow the audience, and turn heads!

Whether you need to learn what colors and styles work best to transmit your  image on camera or film, to freshening your wardrobe and professional style to help advance your career, to add glamour for that special event, or a complete makeover  to freshen your old, tired style and clothing, Lorelei can transform your look to achieve your desired outcome!


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  • Your clothing review
  • Shopping for—or with you

Personal Style:

  • Make-up consultation to update your look
  • Make-up consultation for film or camera
  • Make-up application for gala, interview, or screen test
  • Hair style consultation, as well as accompanying you to the hair stylist

Complete Makeover:

We all tend to get stuck in a style that may not compliment us any longer.  It takes an outside perspective to see the beauty we have become, and to gently guide us into our new persona.

A completely new look from head to toe includes:

  • Assessing your Fashion Icon Archetypes™ in order to complete the next step
  • A closet assessment: reorganizing, clearing and shopping to fill in key items if necessary
  • Hair and make-up assessment. Discussion of what changes could be made to better compliment who you are now
  • New make-up application lesson
  • Accompany you to a hair dresser – no more fear, you will have a professional eye guiding the process!


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Watch Lorelei Shellist Keynote Speaker on Fashion Icon Archetypes™

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