Romantic Fashion Icon Archetype™ t-shirt modeled by creator Lorelei Shellist
product-Y-W-3556 provacateurproduct-Y-W-3523 anarchistproduct-Y-W-3493 explorerproduct-Y-W-3460 maverickproduct-Y-W-3439 spartanproduct-Y-W-3434 athleteproduct-Y-W-3419 ambassadorproduct-Y-W-3383 alchemistproduct-Y-W-3376 artistFashion Icon Archetype™: T-Shirt modeled by creator Lorelei Shellist - back of white shirt says "Who are your Fashion Icon Archtypes™?

Fashion Icon Archetype™: T-Shirts


Fashion Icon Archetype™ T-shirts with long or short sleeves.

Long sleeve Fashion Icon Archetype™ Shirt Featuring extra long sleeves and body with a clean, finished neck. 100% Sheer Jersey Cotton construction with Merrow stitch cuffs. Form fitting. Made in the USA. Choose from 10 Printed Archetypes. Who are your Fashion Icon Archetypes™? Sizes small, medium, large and xlarge.

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Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of Fashion Icon Archetype™ T-Shirts.

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


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